The Democrats, as a political party, embraces Maldivians who share its ideology and vision. We believe in the core values of democracy, individual freedoms, good governance, and economic prosperity for all. We believe in the equal right for all to obtain these, with integrity.
The party cultivates an inclusive environment that encourages diverse opinions, thus upholding the fundamental principles of democracy. Our party constitution and values ensure each member, community, island, city and atoll is represented in the decision-making process. We ensure women’s and youth voices are represented and heard throughout the party structure. Our Veterans Club is designed to bring in experienced voices in the running of our party, and in our policies. The party offers a platform for new leaders and young people to play a more engaged role in policy and decision making.
Our economic, social and development policies are designed to actively protect and preserve our natural surrounding environment, while promoting climate adaptation. The Democrats envision economic and financial empowerment through the utilisation of technology and innovation. The party promotes sustainable policies bringing together wisdom and insight from our traditions, `past experiences and the energy and aspirations of today’s generation of young people. The party is committed to treating all individuals fairly and without discrimination, with the aim of fostering a society characterized by dignity, prosperity, tolerance, and unity.

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“We take the eve of Ramadhan to once again call on the international community to intervene to stop the Israel atrocities in Palestine, by fulfilling its legal and moral responsibilities to end the suffering.” - The Democrats

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